Temecula California Maternity Photographer | Natalie and Dave

An amazing beach, accompanied with amazing light can only equal a perfect maternity session.  I am so happy for my friends Natalie and Dave.  In a few short weeks, they will be consumed by a love no words can describe.  Our session was filled with lots of laughing.  Finding a parking spot was quite a task and to get down to the sand was something like a 160 steps! But so worth it.  I kept asking her if she was ok with this location and kind of encouraging her to pick another location.  And just a fun fact….Natalie whipped up and down those stairs while we were huffing and puffing.  No lie. . .

I cannot wait to meet Baby O.  Enjoy our photos. ‘Til next time, ~B

Maternity Beach Photos

Beach Maternity Photos


Temecula Maternity Photographer | Waiting for Ruby

I loved meeting Sarah and Ben! Sarah has the most beautiful southern accent and qualifies to be America’s Sweetheart! I kept asking her questions just to hear her speak.  At 34 weeks she barely had a tummy.  She put up with me constantly telling her to stick her baby bump out!  I wanted to incorporate red into the session especially being just before Christmas and guess what?! They shared that baby girl would be named RUBY! So cool.  Ruby will be arriving in two short weeks and I look forward to meeting her.  Here are a few of my favorites from our session. ~B

Waiting for Ruby.

Irvine Maternity Photographer | Baby Makes Three

I met Tracy and Michael last month.  I had spoken with Tracy a few times over the phone and by text message prior to our session.  She expressed thoughts about how ‘pregnant’ she felt.  Being due in little over a month from our session date, I understood those feelings. HOWEVER, Tracy and Michael arrived to our location.  My first thought was you have got to be freaking kidding me!!  She was absolutely so well put together, accessorized, every hair in perfect place with only ‘pregnancy’ showing in her tummy.  I was pregnant everywhere. Not fair.  I asked her where she would be delivering.  She hesitated for a moment.  I asked if she was delivering with a midwife.  She said yes….I then asked, South Coast Midwifery??  Sure enough.  I delivered with their amazing team.  I could not possibly be more excited for her.  Tracy and Michael are absolutely adorable.  Our session rocked and we had the most gorgeous fall sunlight.  My photographer heart was over the moon! I am excited to meet the highly anticipated Maebree. Until then, enjoy these. ~Bryna




Maternity | Holding Hands Maternity Kiss


MaternityMaternityMaternity Maternity

Maternity Maternity Maternity Maternity



Temecula Maternity Photographer | I love maternity sessions

Ahhhhem. I am going to give another attempt at blogging. This session is a good place to pick up at.  I heart maternity sessions.  I love the excitement and the anticipation of my pregnant clients.  I love the glow and smiles they have just talking about this little baby they are ever so anxious to meet.  I asked Dana if she was up for her maternity sesh at this place I have been dying to use. There is something magical about using nature and maternity together. Just goes hand in hand.  Enjoy this beautiful Mommy-to-be. I really cannot wait to meet that cute baby boy!

Maternity Maternity Maternity Maternity Maternity Maternity