Huntington Beach California Maternity Photographer | Dan and Christie

Going to the beach for a maternity session rocks my socks off.  The beach has a special place in my heart and when clients want their photos there I do a happy dance.  Seriously.  Dan and Christie are expecting their little girl any day now.  Christie was, by far, my most prepared client.  She emailed me a list of numerous poses with the corresponding outfits and which props she wished to use for each.  She did a dang good job and I had a great time with them.  We giggled a lot, especially about how many of our shots had people with their metal detectors (they must have detected something precious was in the area).  We would find an empty spot, move and sure enough these searchers made their way into the pictures.  My favorite, however, were the surfers.  They literally stood in front of my lens, stripped down and went on their way, ha!  One of my favorite pictures is Christie with her awesome smile in the foreground and the pier, waves and surfer in the background.  We cannot get more Californian than that!  Here are some of my favorites, I’ll start with our ‘Californian’ shot!  Enjoy! x

Huntington Beach Pregnancy

Beach Maternity Huntington Beach Maternity Huntington Beach Pregnancy Huntington Beach Pregnancy IMG_0143g Huntington Beach Maternity Pictures Huntington Beach Pregnancy Maternity at Huntington Beach Huntington Beach Maternity Huntington Beach Maternity Pictures


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